October 31, 2017

I certainly hope you are ready for Halloween.  I can promise you NASA and NASA followers are.  Now, when you consider adopting a NASA costume for Halloween you had better be prepared to design and put together your outfit.  There are never any “off-the-shelf” NASA gear, “shovel-ready” for “All-Saints-Day”.  Let’s take a look.

These ladies are trying to show you how important the Rings of Saturn really are.  (Somewhat lame but at least they tried.)

These two kids have the right idea.  I’m assuming we are looking at “rocket man” and his little brother, Mr. Radio Telescope.

This is actually the ISS (International Space Station) crew wishing you a very Happy Halloween.  Everyone, even those out of this world, have the spirit.

Obviously, the Rings of Saturn but not too sure what the flames are supposed to represent.

As Jimmy Durante says: “Everyone has to get into the act.

I love the “little rocket”.

OK, this one really cracks me up.   This kid is really into “Rocket Science” for babies.  Notice the focus and intensity.

Don’t ask—I have no idea.

Just too weird.

The baby is my favorite then this guy.  How much time do you think it took to assemble this get-up?

Notice the flames from the rocket are represented by the young lady’s dress.  Really creative. The little guy is ready for lift off.


Our dreams of “going where no man has gone before” still exist with some people. Space is definitely the Final Frontier.  Hope you all have a very HAPPY HALLOWEEN.


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