May 26, 2017

Portions of this post use information from Lolly Daskal.

It amazes me as to what lengths individuals will go to make themselves visible and “acceptable” to their peers and mere acquaintances.   Being seen and/or heard is definitely the aim of social media and many take that need to extreme.  We need others to SEE us, maybe for not who we are but for simple acknowledgement.

Among the tribes in Northern Natal in South Africa, the tribes greet each other with “Sawu bona” which in the English language is equivalent to saying “hello”.   The phrase “Sawu bona” literally is defined as “I see you.” If you are a member of the tribe you would reply, “Sikhona” Which in English language is equivalent to saying “I am here”. The order of the greeting of this exchange is important. And what it is saying…in literal translation. UNTIL YOU SEE ME~ I do not exist.  Which means: when you see me you bring me into existence.

I personally think this is absolutely fascinating—really fascinating.  Unless you See me, I do not exist.  This begs the question:  What does it take for you to really see me.  Let’s take a look.

Could you ever miss this guy?  Tattoos are certainly popular now and many of the “kids” have them; for whatever reason, I have no idea.  Imagine the time and the expense sitting for “tats” such as this?  Blows my mind.

Body piercings seem to be popular also.  I think it probably started out with pierced ears.  I have no problem with that.  My granddaughters, all three of them, have pierced ears.  The guy above really needs to be noticed.  Wonder how that last job interview went?

OK, so your sixteen-year-old daughter has a “hot date” and this guy shows up.  What do you think?  He may be a nice guy—then again.

Hairstyles are now all the rage.  I’m really old-fashioned but I just do NOT like what I see relative to hair.

What do you think these guys are trying to tell us?  LOOK AT ME. Plain and simple.

Then again, we have the “bangers” from the “hood” look.  Everyone can out run these guys.

Do you remember the “goth” craze?  It was somewhat big in Atlanta and maybe still is.

I’m sure you are aware that beards are in.  The more grandiose the better.  Beware the majesty of the beard.  OK, why not?

I truly hope these “styles” above do NOT represent the new normal.  If so, it just might be time for that cabin in the woods.

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