July 10, 2016

I m absolutely convinced the best and most enduring writers are avid readers and they know how to research a project.  That statement certainly applies to Mr. Peter Schweizer.  Schweizer includes fifty-eight (58) pages of notes used to research and document the money trail left by Secretary Hillary Clinton, former-President Bill Clinton and the Clinton Foundation.  These notes are categorized by chapter with each fact being numbered as presented in the body of the work.  “Clinton Cash”, written in 2015, was the eleventh book by Schweizer and serves to investigate donations made to the Clinton Foundation by foreign entities, paid speeches made by Bill and Hillary Clinton, and the Clintons’ personal enrichment after leaving the White House, in 2001. All of his works to date are non-fiction, real life; political exposes unearthing corruption in governments and institutions in our country.  Let’s take a very quick look at Mr. Schweizer’s biography.


Peter Franz Schweizer, born November 24, 1964, is an American author, academic, and political consultant. He is the president of the Government Accountability Institute (GAI) and a former William J. Casey Research Fellow at Stanford University’s Hoover Institution.  He is also Breitbart News  Senior Editor-at-Large.

Peter Schweizer is the President of the Government Accountability Institute and obviously a best-selling author. He is a partner in the Washington, D.C. firm Oval Office Writers which provides speechwriting and communications services for corporate executives and political figures.

From 2008-2009 he was a consultant to the Office of Presidential Speechwriting in the White House. He has also served as a member of the Ultraterrorism Study Group at the U.S. government’s Sandia National Laboratory and is a former consultant to NBC News.

Schweizer’s early work at Jeremiah Denton‘s National Forum Foundation (NFF) focused on major fronts in the Cold War. He co-authored a National Review article with Denton’s son, James “Murdering SDI”, about the suspicious deaths of several European officials who supported the Strategic Defense Initiative.  While at the NFF, Schweizer also published a report titled “The Meaning and Destiny of the Sandinista Revolution”.

In 2012, Steve Kroft used Schweizer’s work as the basis for a blockbuster report on CBS‘s 60 Minutes about Congressional insider trading. Titled “Insiders: The road to the STOCK act”, Kroft relied heavily on Schweizer’s reporting in Throw Them All Out, which CBS independently verified, to demonstrate how members of Congress trade stocks unethically.   The book demonstrates how politicians like Nancy Pelosi and Spencer Bachus have inoculated themselves against criminal charges for insider trading.   The following year, Kroft revisited Schweizer’s work to create another 60 Minutes report on how members of Congress use the funds of their political action committees for private gain.

A year later, Schweizer authored another GAI report about the Obama administration, which said that Obama failed to meet often enough with Secretary of Health and Human Services Kathleen Sebelius during the height of the botched roll-out of the Affordable Care Act (ACA).   He publicized the report with a story for Politico titled “When Barry Met Kathy: Almost never, it turns out.”  Schweizer’s report relied on publicly available information about Obama’s schedule. Three months later, after making a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request of non-public documents, The Hill found evidence of multiple meetings with both scheduled to attend, including seven specifically about the ACA.

I hope you can see from his bio that he is a very serious writer and one not given to innuendo.  All pronouncements are well researched and documented.


Now let’s take a look at the book itself.

  • “Clinton Cash”—The untold story of how and why foreign governments and businesses helped make Bill and Hillary rich.
  • Published by Harper Collins
  • Copyright: 2015
  • 256 Pages
  • Eleven (11) chapters as follows:
    • The Lincoln Bedroom Goes Global
    • The Transfer: Bill’s Excellent Kazaka Adventure
    • Hillary’s Reset: The Russian Uranium Deal
    • Indian Nukes: How to Win a Medal by Changing Hillary’s Mind
    • The Clinton Blur(I): Bill and Hillary’s Global Nexus of Philanthropy, Power and Profit
    • The Clinton Blur (II): The View from Foggy Bottom
    • Podium Economics: What Was Bill Being Paid For?
    • Warlord Economics: The Clintons Do Africa
    • Rainforest Riches:  Hillary, Bill and Colombian Timber and Oil Deals
    • Disaster Capitalism Clinton-Style: The 2010 Haitian Relief Effort
    • Quid pro Quo?

I am not going into detail relative to the contents of the book because I know my readers,and you are one intelligent group of people.  You can figure it out from the chapter titles.  I don’t think Mr. Schweizer’s book would have that much significance because after all, Bill and Hillary are nothing more than opportunistic political types, but she is running for President of the United States.  If you look at Benghasi, the e-mail server scandal AND the fact that Secretary Clinton is running for the White House, do we really need another Clinton in the Oval Office?  Then again, what about Mr. Donald Trump?  We really may be in a mell of a hess vice versa, as my grandmother Westbrook used to say. I may just be writing in Elvis again this year.

As always, I welcome your comments.

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