July 2, 2016

OK, you are in the process of busting your butt working towards an engineering degree, or maybe you are in summer school with one semester to go. YOU NEED A JOB because just as soon as you graduate you will have to start the process of paying off student loans. (Remember student loans?)  The web site     recently published a list of the top ten (10) states in which job prospects are the best.  They quantified the following:

  • Jobs per 1,000 individuals living in the state
  • Average quarterly jobs created
  • Quarterly job growth
  • Annual growth. (Please look at the percentage.)
  • Top discipline required in that state

Let’s take a quick look.


I must admit, Massachusetts really surprised me.  I had no idea that great state would be first on the list.








New Hampshire


If we add the quarterly jobs, engineering jobs, created for the ten (10) states, we see a whopping 217,898.  That is PER QUARTER.  There are jobs available for those trained and industrious individuals willing to make the sacrifice.  Those of us who are involved with the STEM professions know there were many time we stayed at home studying on Friday and Saturday night when the “rest of the guys” were partying.  This is what it takes.  I know for a fact, if you are a high school student contemplating a career in engineering—you can do this.  If I did it, you can.  Think about the rewards and the satisfaction of having a great job and actually getting paid to perform.

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