December 10, 2015

I certainly hope you feel your hometown is a great place to live.  I know I do.  Over the past twenty (20) years, Chattanooga has gone from a manufacturing town to a town that has become the “go-to” destination for outdoor activity.  Our mayor and city council are definitely aware of benefits from having clean water, breathable air, available entertainment, access to education and job opportunities, both high-tech, retail and manufacturing.  Just a few of the many facts about Chattanooga may be listed as follows:

  • Fastest Internet service in the Western Hemisphere.
  • Haven for numerous outdoor activities.
  • Sister City to nine (9) foreign cities across the globe.
  • First American city to have its own typeface.
  • All-American City award.
  • Recognized as an outstanding city for preservation of trees.
  • “Best Town Ever” award by Outside Magazine (Second time in two years).
  • Weekly entertainment available to visitors and citizens, such as: 1.) Riverbend, 2.) Wine Over Water, 3.) Annual Mud Run, 4.) Night Fall Concert Series, 5.) River Rocks, 6.) Sisters Bluegrass Festival, 7.) Head of the Hooch, 8.) Pops on the River, 9.) Southern Brewers Festival and  10.) Chattanooga Market.  These are just a few of the activities available. You can check the Chattanooga website for additional listing and the timing for each.


Chattanooga is the fourth-largest city in the state of Tennessee, with a population of 167,674 as of the 2010 census.   Chattanooga is the Hamilton County seat, located in southeastern Tennessee on Chickamauga Lake and Nickajack Lake.   Both lakes are part of the Tennessee River Valley system of waterways.  Chattanooga lies approximately 120 miles (190 km) to the northwest of Atlanta, Georgia, 120 miles (190 km) to the southwest of Knoxville, Tennessee, about 135 miles (217 km) to the southeast of Nashville, Tennessee, about 120 miles (190 km) to the northeast of Huntsville, Alabama, and about 148 miles (238 km) to the northeast of Birmingham, Alabama. Chattanooga abuts the Georgia border where three major interstate highways meet: I-24I-75, and I-59.  The graphic below will summarize the distances just given as well as others.  As you can see, Chattanooga is centrally located from the standpoint of ground transportation.  The Tennessee River serves heavy barge traffic from the city with connections through the Tom Bigby Waterway to the Mississippi River and then to the Gulf of Mexico.

Distances from Ten Major Cities

Hamilton County is located by the orange area in the Tennessee map given below with the city of Chattanooga shown in Red relative to the county map.

Area Map and Location

An area may is given below showing the Tennessee River and Interstate Highways to and from the city.  I-75 is by far the most-traveled highway going north to Knoxville and south to Atlanta.

Demographic Analysis

An aerial view of the city itself may be seen from the digital photograph below.  There are three traveled bridges crossing the city to the “north shore”; Veteran’s Bridge, the Market Street Bridge and the P.R. Olgaiti Bridge.  The Walnut Street Bridge is for pedestrian traffic only and is a marvelous meeting point for hikers and walkers of all stripes.

Chattanooga Skyline

Population and Households

Do to the increasing number of companies locating and relocating in the Hamilton County/Chattanooga area, the number of jobs available increases each year.  As you can see from the table above, population growth is expected through 2020.  Area employment statistics by category are given as follows:

Area Employment Statistics

Chattanooga, at one time, was considered a “blue-collar” town due to the number of manufacturing companies located within a fifty (50) mile radius.  Today, goods and services constitute the major sector with tourism being very prominent to the cities’ income.  Household income is given with the following two charts.

Area Income Statistics

Area Income Statistics(2)

The unemployment for Chattanooga has steadily dropped over the past several years. As you can see from the graphic below, we are right at the 5.50% rate, which is in-line with the United States in general.

Unemployment Rate Chart

Chattanooga is very fortunate to have the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga and Chattanooga State Community College basically downtown.  Total fall enrollments for both, is approximately 20,000 students.

The following chart indicates the universities and colleges in the immediate area.  Located within a fairly short driving distance is Georgia Tech (Atlanta) and Vanderbilt University (Nashville) as well as the University of Tennessee in Knoxville.  One of the very best universities in the country for liberal arts is Lee University in Cleveland, Tennessee.  Lee is thirty (30) miles north of Chattanooga.

Colleges and Universities

I hope this gives you some idea as to the demographics relative to the Chattanooga/Hamilton County area AND hope you can drop in some time to check out our “southern fried hospitality”.  “Tons” of “stuff” to do; great restaurants; modern hotels and plenty of them; fabulous, state-of-the-art trade center; livable conditions relative to the environment; plentiful housing spanning an excellent range of prices and JOBS. What more could you ask for?


What do you think?

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