January 19, 2014

If you follow my posts at all you know I generally write about education, technology, engineering, etc etc.  Sometimes really “heavy” stuff but certainly subjects you need to think about.  From time to time, I feel it’s good to lighten up a bit.  The story you are about to read was told to me by a great friend–Mr. Jody Baker.  Jody is a graduate electrical engineer out of Vandy in Nashville. After his undergraduate studies, he went on to earn a law degree.  Hope you enjoy this one.  Have a great week.

The officer hated stopping senior citizens and teenagers, but a job is a job.  He flipped on his blue lights and moved up behind the Buick.  The little old blue-haired lady pulled over on the shoulder of the road.  As he walked up to the car, she rolled down the window.

OFFICER:   Madam, do you know how fast you were going?

LITTLE OLD LADY:  I think about 45.

OFFICER:  No mam, you were going about 85.

LITTLE OLD LADY:  Couldn’t be.

OFFICER: May I see your driver’s license?

LITTLE OLF LADY:  My license was revoked last week for DUI.

OFFICER: Could I see your auto registration?

LITTLE OLD LADY:  The car is stolen.

OFFICER:  In that case, would you open your trunk?  Let’s see what else we have.

LITTLE OLD LADY:  I killed my husband about two hours ago and his body is in the trunk.  I was just going to the landfill.

With this, the officer thought I really need backup on this.  He told the lady to stay right there.  He then returned to his squad car, called the supervisor and told him the story.  He was instructed to stay right there.  In about 15 minutes, the supervisor came to the scene.

SUPERVISOR:  We are going to start all over here.  May I see your driver’s license?

LITTLE OLD LADY: Yes officer.  It’s right here.

SUPERVISOR:  May I see your regristration?

LITTLE OLD LADY:  Yes officer. With that she handed the registeration to the supervisor.

Being absolutely blown away the supervisor said:

SUPERVISOR:  The investigating officer also told me you had killed your husband and he was in the trunk of the car.  You were headed to the landfill.

LITTLE OLD LADY:  I bet that lying bastard also told you I was speeding.

With that, the officer smiled and said:

SUPERVISOR: You have a nice day and BE CAREFUL out there. 

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