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Several months ago I was talking to our youngest son in Dallas.   We were well into our conversation when the telephone suddenly died—just died.  As we all know, that’s not too uncommon with cell phones.  Dropped calls seem to be the rule and not the exception.  I called him back.  Then I called again-then again-then again.  Fifteen minutes later he called me.  “Hey dad, I was shaving and dropped my cell in the sink.  It’s dead-fried. “

If you drop your cell phone a lot, you’re not alone.  Cellphone protection plan, Square Trade, put together a survey to find out what the top 10 clumsiest states in the U.S. are.

According to the company, the Clumsy States Index allows it to see how the past year’s events impacted device damage.

For example, the company has data that shows that 23 million Americans damage their devices during sporting events. Company analysts study information to determine if, for example, the Washington Capitals and Redskins’ teams’ success last season played a role in ranking DC as number one on the chart this year for clumsiness. New York City just added Wi-Fi to its subways systems in the past year; could this have played a role in the state’s position in the top 10?  These are the kinds of factors Square Trade takes into consideration.

Check out the Infographic below to see where your state ranks, or if it even made it on the list.



It’s a little scary to me knowing that Washington D.C. heads the list.  Then again, why was I surprised?  Some of the excuses are as follows:

EXCUSES  All good excuses, (I suppose.)  Let’s just hope these folks are insured.  Leave me a comment and let me know how  you destroyed your cell phone.

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