October 27, 2013

If you have read any my previous postings you know that most of my work is dedicated to subjects involving the STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) professions.  I do follow engineering education and renewable energy quite closely.  Recently I read about a company called Pavegen Systems.  This company “invented” a remarkable and innovative system of providing energy by turning the pressure generated by footsteps into voltage that can be stored and used for various purposes.  The basis for the technology involves Pavegen tiles.   The JPEG shown below will give some idea as to how the system operates.  The first JPEG shows the disk embed representing the heart of the system.



West Hamm


Pavegen tiles are embedded into flooring just as any tiles would be.   The pressure exerted by a 150 pound man, 112 pound woman, etc is used to charge batteries which drive mobile devices, lighting, power Wi-Fi systems, etc.   A proprietary system is used to convert kinetic energy into voltage which is stored providing for a multitude of uses.

Generating Energy


Every time someone walks over a Pavegen tile, renewable energy is harvested from the footsteps. Pavegen is an innovation company head quartered in London.   This company develops and manufactures flooring technology that converts the wasted kinetic energy from human footfall into renewable electricity. This clean tech energy source can power applications such as lighting, signage and communications networks in both indoor and outdoor environments of industries.   The graphic below will indicate the possibilities for use.



The top surface of the flooring unit is made from 100% recycled rubber while the base of the slab is constructed from 80% recycled materials. The system can be simply retrofitted in place of existing flooring systems as well as specified for new developments. The tiles are designed to withstand harsh outdoor locations with high footfall with each slab being waterproof to allow operation efficiently in both internal and external environments.

The concept of Pavegen was developed in 2009 by Laurence Kemball-Cook, while researching kinetic-off grid energy solutions at Loughborough University.  Since the company’s inception, Pavegen has independently embarked on a journey to become the market leader in the footfall energy harvesting sector, generating substantial global press coverage and public interest, with a series of commercial installations underway.   Several of these existing installations are 1.)   Simon Langdon School, 2.) Rednock School, 3.) West Hamm  London Olympics and 4.) Several installations in offices in central London.  The technology is proven and energy is harvested on a continuing basis.

The best thing about this technology is addressing alternative sources of energy which would otherwise be wasted.  In other words, one company is demonstrating that commonplace actions can be used to harness energy for the greater good.  They are “thinking outside the box”.  (I hate that phrase but in this case it does apply.)


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