October 19, 2013

This post is a little different from the “technology” postings I normally provide.  September and October have been a tough months for my family.  My mom died on 13 October 2013 at 0904.  Her funeral was yesterday.  At the funeral, the pastor officiating had the following story.  Hope you enjoy this one.

The pastor received a call from a member of his church asking that he come over for a visit.   The lady calling was definitely a senior citizen: a senior citizen who remained very independent and optimistic so the request was somewhat surprising.  He indicated he would be over in about an hour.

PASTOR:  Hello there, you’re looking well and it’s a pleasure for me to see you again. Sometimes after services on Sunday I don’t get to speak to all of our members. I certainly hope all is well.

LADY: Yes, I’m feeling well but quite frankly, I’m in the process of making plans for the funeral I know I will need in a few years if not a few months. 

The pastor was somewhat shocked and saddened to hear her reply but not that surprised since it is quite common for ageing individuals to make such plans.

PASTOR:  I think you are most kind to specify the arrangements you wish.  It removes a burden from your children as well as all of the guess-work they would certainly have.

LADY:  As I lie there in the casket, I want the Bible in my left hand and a dinner fork in my right hand. Just like that!

PASTOR:  A dinner fork?

LADY: Yes a common dinner fork.  One from my kitchen.

PASTOR:  OK, I certainly understand the Bible but please explain the fork.

LADY:   Have you ever been to a really great dinner?  I mean one that is truly memorable?  As the host is picking up the empty plate he or she will say—“save the fork”!  You know at that moment the last course will be something special.  I don’t mean pudding or ice cream but something you can really put your teeth into.  Something solid.   Something that truly surpasses the courses that have come earlier. As you stand there by my casket, I want you to tell those passing by that what’s to come is the best course.  An experience far beyond and far greater than all we have experienced on this earth.  Something you can really put your teeth into.  Tell them to “SAVE THE FORK”.

The pastor was blown away.   A complete sermon in a remarkably few words.  They completed their visit after another ten minutes.  She died four months later.  Got her wish and as promised, he stood by her casket and told the story to all that would listen. This is a reminder to all of us:



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