Each year, Design News Magazine conducts a survey to determine the “state” of the engineering profession relative to salary, demographics and overall satisfaction for practicing engineers.    In June of 2013, the Design News team sent an e-mail invitation to 190,341 North American members of the Design-Engineering community.  A firm called Explorations and Insights, LLC designed and executed the study; Research Results, an independent research firm, tabulated the data.   The survey conducted and evaluated compensation and job satisfaction.   The results are based upon 2,125 usable survey responses.  At a 95 % confidence level, the results are accurate and projectable with a + or – 2.1% margin of error.  We will take a look at Job Satisfaction with this last posting relative to the survey.

Results of the survey are given below and show most working, blue-collar engineers still love to solve problems and find viable solutions to “fix what’s broken”.  Seventy-three percent (73%) of the responses indicated that problem solving is the best part of the profession with seventy-one percent (71%) loving the technical challenges they are given.  As you can see, there is a down-side.  Room for advancement is a significant problem in the profession.  I think most engineers feel room for advancement in the profession and not into management.

Factors Contributing To Satisfaction


The pie chart below gives another viewpoint.

How Satisfied in General


Fifty-six percent (56%) are extremely or very satisfied with the positions the work they do on a daily basis even though there are definite concerns relative to employment.  Take a look.

Job Climate (Concerns)


The economy has left and is leaving many engineers with feelings of insecurity with only seven percent (7%) with no worries at all.  Twenty percent (20%) are very concerned about future employment.  The possibility of company closure or downsizing is a definite worry for many engineers.

Job Security


Clearly, fifty-five percent (55%) are concerned.   Even with this being the case, very few are actively seeking another job.

Are You Seeking Another Job


Twenty-one percent (21%) are very happy with their present positions but thirty-two percent (32%) indicate they are always open to better circumstances.

Overall, the engineering profession seems to be fairly satisfied but with definite concerns relative to future employment and finding a job if losing the one they have.  I suppose in the times we live, this is to be expected.




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