September 30, 2012

If you follow any of my blogs, you probably get the feeling that writing does not come easily for me.  Well you are absolutely correct.  At times, I labor over each word trying carefully to select the right one thus, providing the meaning I wish to convey.      One good thing–I have discovered the more I read the better writer I become, or at least I think this is the case.  Of course it’s incremental and you don’t automatically become Shakespeare by reading Shakespeare.  Also, there seemingly, is no fixed number of books read that make you a world-class author.   You get the picture.  I do love to read and this, in my case, is a very real benefit relative to the written word.  I always have a book going, sometimes two or three.  With this being the case:

 I just completed a marvelous book entitled “Why School”, written by Will Richardson.  Mr. Richardson was teacher in the public school systems in New Jersey for twenty-two years and methodically develops the case for changing the way we teach by virtue of addressing the ways we NOW learn.  When I was growing up, we had radio, some TV, newspapers, magazines and books.  No Internet, no Facebook, no Twitter, no Google, no Yahoo, no instant messaging, etc.  As we all know, times have changed and dramatically—dramatically!   He makes the case that by virtue of the Internet, our kids are considerably more literate and resourceful when finding answers than we adults are now or possibly ever were.  “I need to Google that to find out how many members we have in Congress.”  “Can someone tell me the zip code for Red Bank, Tennessee?  I’ll go on line and find out.”  “Who was the thirty-eighth President of the United States?”  All of these answers are at our fingertips if we go on line.  Almost in an instant.   He emphasizes we rethink teaching by accomplishing the following:

  • Share everything (or at least something).  Talk to each other.
  • Discover don’t deliver ( the curriculum)
  • Talk to strangers. Don’t limit yourself to individuals you know.  Seek answers from the “guy who wrote the book” or at least someone who has read the book.
  • Be a master learner.  Know something about everything and everything about something.
  • Do real work for real audiences.
  • Transfer power.

 His challenge is as follows:  “Our kids, and we ourselves, can now carry the sum of human knowledge around in our pockets.  Teachers and classrooms are no longer found only in brick-and-mortar schools.  We can have teachers and classrooms with us wherever we go.  What’s needed for reading and writing literacy is evolving far beyond traditional definitions. In fact, by modern standards, most of us are illiterate.  In large measure, the professional and, to some extent, personal lives of our kids will be lived online in transparent, public ways that are vastly different from the much more private spaces most of us grew up in.  It’s now easier than ever to communicate, create, and collaborate with others from around the globe who share our passion to learn.  This changes just about everything when it comes to being educated.”

I think most of us have already discovered the “new” and alternate path to learning.  Who would have ever in a million years predicted a marvelous web site like Word Press?  One in which we all can “publish” for anyone who wishes to read.  A new way to learn.



4 Responses to “WHY SCHOOL”

  1. I just want to say I am just newbie to blogging and site-building and definitely liked your page. Almost certainly I’m going to bookmark your blog post . You really come with great stories. Kudos for sharing with us your blog site.


    • cielotech Says:

      Hello Flavia. I find writing to be very difficult although I love to do it. I seem to labor over each word. One thing I do try to find is viable resource material from which to write my posts. Really helps to have good sources. Many thanks for taking a look and please come back. Bob


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    • cielotech Says:

      Hello Lista. This is a fascinating concept for me and I must say seems to be very relevant considering the usefulness of the internet and the availability of instant information. Also, I certainly appreciate the kind words. Take care. B.


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