August 1, 2011


I, like some people, have been very attentive to the debt ceiling histrionics occurring in Washington D.C.  during the month of July.   I’m a bit of a news “junkie” and every time there was an “ALERT” or a breaking story, I would pay very very close attention, making sure I gobbled up every news crumb dropped from the mouth of the commentator.   I don’t know how much was show and how much was “show-nuf” but I will tell you this—I’m not impressed with the outcome of the negotiations.  For all of the madness, it does seem that there would be much more bang for the buck.  Our National debt is axle deep to a Ferris wheel and we are telling ourselves it will go away without any real effort.  Of course, there will be another commission formed to ( again ) study the problem.    Always sounds like a good idea—right?   This time though, it will be a “super commission”.   My source inside the West Wing tells me President Obama is going to require the panel members to wear blue tights and a red cape.  After all, it is a “super” commission. 

Are you aware of the fact that there have been 17 commissions over the years dealing with (take a guess) the National debt?  Here are just a few of the 17:

  • The Grace Commission
  • The National Commission on Social Security Reform or the Greenspan Commission
  • The National Partnership for Reinventing Government or the Gore Commission
  • The National Bipartisan Commission on the Future of Medicare
  • The President’s Commission to Strengthen Social Security
  • The Committee for a Responsible Federal Budget
  • The National Commission on Fiscal Responsibility
  • The Financial Crisis Inquiry Commission
  • Simpson/ Bowles Commission

Three of the 17 panels were convened under President Reagan, one under President George H.W. Bush; three were formed under President Bill Clinton, five under President George W. Bush and five ( so far ) under President Barak Obama.  Instead of forming another useless commission, why doesn’t someone in Washington read the conclusion and recommendations put forth by the previous commissions?  Does anyone think our problems are any different now as opposed to “back when”?  Has anything really changed?   WE SPEND TOO MUCH and we have rampant fraud, seemingly overlooked by our Federal Government.      Washington is trying to delay making the tough decisions.  Congress and the Executive Branch really think this desperate situation will go away and / or the American people will, again, forget.  Another commission will not bring forth any better solutions than those held in the past.  It will only provide cover for politicians up for reelection.



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