January 30, 2011


I have written before about our appalling national debt.   From the web site, we see the following information:

  • National Debt: $14.047 Trillion
  • US Debt per Person: $45,072.00
  • US Taxpayer Debt per Person: $126,109.00

These numbers were recorded on 01/20/2011 at 0843 hours.  The first 19 days of our new year.  If you visit that web site you will see the “debt clock” ticking and ticking rapidly.  Our country, the greatest in recorded history, borrowed $80 billion in the month of December.  This marked the 27th consecutive month of red ink for the Federal government.  Federal outlays for December were $316.8 billion while receipts were $236.8 billion—up 8 percent over this time last year while taxes on corporations and payroll actually increased.  For the first three months of fiscal year 2011, the deficit stands at $370.8 billion.  We are on track to post a $1.00 trillion plus shortfall for 2011.  The fiscal budget deficit for 2010 ($1.29 trillion) was the second highest on record, behind the $1.42 trillion reported from fiscal year 2009.   I am an engineer and not finance major but, it seems to me that something needs to be done on the Federal level to make a much needed mid-course correction.  (Just guessing here but it is a thought!!!!!!!!!!)   With that being the case, let me suggest the following:

  • We have the largest piece-time federal payroll in history AND the greatest number of highly paid Federal employees in history.  I’m not saying they don’t deserve the money they earn.  What I am saying is let’s look at being a more efficient and streamlined Federal government.  Let’s adopt the “best practices” approach to government.  Let’s look at “lean” government just as companies look at lean manufacturing.  Have you ever seen an organization chart for ANY government department or agency?  The lines of communication are impossible.  Don’t tell me there cannot be improvements and efficiencies brought about.
  • I retired from GE in 2005 after 17 years with the company.  Each year, beginning in 1995, management demanded at least a 5 % reduction in “head count”.  Why not the Fed?  With efficiency comes a reduction in “head count”.  Doing it better generally, means doing it with fewer people.
  • Discontinue (or suspend) corporate welfare.  We give our biggest companies, and banks, a huge break when it comes  handouts.  In turn, they vote for the biggest “boondoggles”. 
  • Remove ourselves from Iraq and Afghanistan.  (I know this is a tough one but these two wars drain our resources, both human and monetary.  )  Both countries are corrupt-have been and will be after we leave.  They have done nothing to deserve the human sacrifices we have given, not to mention the billions in wasted dollars.  It is time to reevaluate our presence and make a move.
  • Absolutely STOP supporting companies who wish to “off-shore”.  No tax breaks whatsoever BUT tax penalties.
  • Provide monetary reward for those Americans and American companies who wish to “buy American”.
  • Evaluate (or reevaluate) our military presence across the world.  We must cease being the planetary cop. The US has bases in 63 countries around the world.  There are approximately 255,065 US military personnel deployed worldwide supporting 845,441 different buildings and associated pieces of equipment.  Our Pentagon is, without a doubt, the world’s largest landowner with 2,202,735 hectares of surface area.  The US military is thought to own and /or control 737 bases in foreign lands.  I am not saying close it all down, I am saying we should look at reductions for the sake of efficiency and cost savings.  I know there are reasons for the deployments; i.e. protecting valuable natural resources, peace-keeping, maintaining the power of “political” favorites, etc but surely we can make some reductions and consequently some cost savings will result.
  • Continuously evaluate private vs. federal when considering manpower and staffing.  I really think the following agencies could be supported by the private sector:  1.) Post Office, 2.) TSA, 3.) Air Traffic Controllers, 4.) Fannie and Freddie, 5.) Department of Education, etc.  You get the picture.
  • I have a degree in Mechanical Engineering and a minor in mathematics and I can’t do my own taxes!! This really burns me up.  Really “grinds” me.  Our tax code is written to satisfy the demands of donors relative to reelection hopes of the executive and legislative branches of our government. Time to scrap the code and adopt a much less complex system. 
  • Establish a cabinet level branch of government reporting to the President to constantly look at fraud—all types of fraud.  (Pardon me while I look for my Hoverround!)

OK, time to stop.  I’m really getting depressed because I know that nothing will be done. We just don’t have the political or national resolve.  Our politicians have theirs.  They are “fully funded”.  Let’s face it—the individual “unwashed” common man is basically on his on although, I firmly believe that there is no problem we can’t solve if we are focused and put our collective minds to it.


2 Responses to “NATIONAL DEBT”

  1. poMOa1Ar2Q Says:

    670598 205460Wohh exactly what I was looking for, appreciate it for posting . 245315


    • cielotech Says:

      Our National Debt is really tragic but apparently “our leaders” in Washington are fearless. This one was a real downer to write but I certainly hope you enjoyed it. Take care .


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