January 7, 2010


One of my favorite commentators on television is Mr. Andy Rooney.  Mr. Rooney joined the staff of 60 Minutes in 1978 and is best known for A Few Minutes With Andy Rooney. It is the segment at the end of the broadcast in which he gives his views on a wide range of subjects.  I like Andy for a different reason—he asks questions that can provide the genesis for serious fact finding.  Case in point:

Do you ever wonder where the sun goes after dark?

A very simply question yet remarkably important if we are to discover the basic relationships between our own little “blue dot” and the hot ball of glowing gasses we call the sun.

I call this type of fundamental question a “Roonian Interrogation”.  Absolutely necessary if you are a physcics, chemist, astronomer, mathematician, etc.  In other words, someone searching for not only an answer, but THE answer.

I would like to pose several Roonian questions to our “leadership”. 

  • Why do you think you can falsify the truth to get elected then expect me not to be angry ( or at least unhappy ) when reality raises its ugly head?
  • In a perfect world ( which we do not have ) government would not be needed.  Why then do we not work towards perfection by reducing the size of government consequently, the cost of government?
  • Why is there not a cabinet position with the sole responsibility for reducing fraud and waste in the Federal Government?
  • If the CIA, FBI and NSA did their jobs properly, would we need the TSA?  Would this not reduce the size of government even more so?  Can we not get these guys to talk to each other?
  • Why does the FED not think income should be greater than outgo?  Is there no real need to control spending?
  • Why are so many of our “leaders” involved with monetary corruption; i.e. Dodd, Blagojevich, Rangel, Geithner, etc.  ( Make your own list! )
  • Are most D.C. types on the take and, more importantly, do they not realize that most people are not?

I think Andy would approve of these questions so, do you ever wonder who has the answers?


What do you think?

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